About Schingle

Talent management grounded in workforce science.

Schingle’s science based technology enables businesses to modernize their strategic talent management capabilities. Our cloud-based platform allows organizations to leverage the skills, talents and tacit knowledge of former and current staff as well as contractors to create talent communities to more effectively staff jobs, projects and even internal initiatives.

With the Schingle solution, organizations are able to:

•  Streamline the employment process to make it more flexible and scalable

•  Gain an effective and affordable solution for talent selection processes

•  Make better and faster hiring decisions based on science

•  Reduce hard costs such as advertising and recruitment fees  

•  Reduce soft costs such as on-boarding, time to productivity and cultural assimilation

Technology has changed the way organizations conduct business. Today companies and their workers are connected in multi-faceted ways that require them to be more competitive, more efficient and more in tune. As a result, every organization needs the best talent and managing this "human capital" is a key element to sustaining a competitive advantage in a global economy.

Our ongoing research confirms what smart companies and professionals alike already know:

•  Each time a trained, skilled employee terminates their employment they create a knowledge and skill vacuum.

•  It is hard for companies to identify latent talent in their organizations to tap for internal projects and initiatives.

•  Keyword recommendation systems and searches are not effective enough anymore.

Companies need innovative services to better select and manage their talent resources.  Schingle helps businesses extend the lifecycle of their investment in employees and reduces business expenses related to using the traditional talent management cycle.

Contact us today and learn more about Schingle. We are continuing to evolve, by listening and applying workforce science so we can continue to provide the best talent management solutions in the country.