Schingle for Companies

Each time trained, skilled professional employees leave your company knowledge and skill vacuums are created. 

Today knowing how to acquire, engage, lead, and retain the most talented people are mission critical activities for all leaders.

Work with Schingle to FIND TALENT and KEEP TALENT.

Find Talent

Schingle Talent Tap reverses the way Talent Search works today.

Schingle Talent Tap cloud-based software hosts talent profiles and resumes of your company’s key relationships such as EMPLOYEES, ALUMNI (PAST EMPLOYEES), CONTRACTORS, and even INTERNS in Private Talent Networks.  Only your company can access Private Networks.

Tapping into your own Private Talent Networks reduces the costs of talent acquisition, retention and internal deployment.

Schingle Talent Tap also hosts Open Talent Networks that contain Staffing and Employment Agencies’ candidates.  You can include Open Talent Networks in searches to tap into passive external candidates easily.

Before posting a job or project externally your HUMAN RESOURCE PROFESSIONALS, EXECUTIVES, and HIRING MANAGERS search across Talent Networks by skills, talents, qualifications, work experience, education, etc.

Utilizing Schingle Short List (our unique match recommendation system) your Private Talent Networks and the Open Networks you chose for your search are combined and then a Rank Ordered Short List is specifically created for your needs. 

Instead of you going to different places to hunt for Talent, we combine them and create a list of the best for you.

Keep Talent

Once you hire great people and develop them, you need to keep them.

Effective Talent Mobility facilitates employer-employee loyalty that is win-win for both of you. Schingle Talent Tap helps you find and tap hidden Talent within your organization simply and easily. 

Increase your Return on Investment of your talent development dollars. Schingle Talent Tap helps organizations create a development culture where each employee can update their Talent Profile as they complete projects and training where they acquired new skills and experience.  

Schingle is uniquely capable of helping your company maximize the potential of your past and present Talent over their career lifecycles.