The Science Behind the Art of Hiring

Human Capital is the most important asset of companies and institutions. Selecting and training the best is important as well as expensive.

Changes in the workforce, the competitive need for flexibility, and improvements in technology are an opportunity for changing your approach to human capital selection, both as employees and contractors. 

The game-changing Schingle Short List talent match recommendation technologyis the most configurable and powerful bi-directional matching agent available.

Funded by the National Science Foundation, Schingle’s technology is BOTH a searching engine and a matching engine. It includes all the full text and Boolean capabilities of traditional search engines, while adding semantic capabilities.

The Schingle Short List does not require you to make compromises: you keep all the familiar capabilities of traditional engines, while adding the incredible power of semantic profile searching and matching.



The Schingle ShortList’s combination of attributes, talent profiles and machine learning maximizes talent selection. Schingle’s sematic matching engine understands candidates as people with specific career profiles, and understands jobs the same way. Unlike traditional engines that just look for words, the Schingle Short List looks for profiles. Instead of finding “Java” and saying we have a match “We have a match!”, the matching engine understands that the job posting is looking for a midrange Java programmer who is bilingual in English and Spanish, and then looks for candidates who exactly match that profile. The Schingle Short List provides for learning from data and feedback information from users. 

The Schingle Short List talent match recommendation technology has been designed for easy incorporation into your products and systems. 

When deployed in your product or site the Schingle Short List allows hiring managers and recruiters to spend more time with a smaller number of high-quality people.

•  Saves your Clients Time and Money

•  Increases Client Satisfaction and Loyalty

•  Instills Trust

Within Applicant Tracking Systems and project matching platforms the Schingle Short List technology creates trust over time as the client users award jobs to recommended candidates from the technology. 

• Key Differentiator in your Product

• Increases Usage

• Deepens Client Loyalty